Chasey… the days of FOUR are coming to an end!!


Wow!  I don’t know where to begin.  This kiddo can make me laugh, smile, cry and yell all in the same hour!  He is so full of fire and energy.  He is a passionate little boy with determination and energy.  The cuteness is never ending.  Little words that come out of his mouth are priceless.  Chase has had a great year learning more about the world around him, homeschooOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAling with his brother and sister and being apart of a couple homeschool co-ops this year.  He joined gymnastics this year and is doing great.  He cracks me up with his questions… “Daddy, where do I put my banana wrapper?” (aka banana peel) or his gun is broken so he takes it to Daddy and asks if we can go to .comgun to get it fixed.  Chase is still the wildfire child that keeps me on my toes.  He is crazy fun and I am desperately trying to win the days back as I watch him get older.  He comes to me… mama will you pway with me??  He is asking so many questions about the world and everything around him trying to understand how things work in this world.  The other day he asked… “Mama are all the Cwistmas people just pwetend?”  I said, “do you mean Santa and Frosty the snowman?”  He said “yes”.  I said “yes Chasey they are all pretend but we can still have so much fun pretending.  But remember what Christmas is really about.  Who is Christmas really about Chasey? Do you remember someone that is not pretend and the whole reason why we celebrate Christmas?”  His little eyes light up and he smiles big and says “baby Jesus?”  I can’t believe he is almost five years old!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe is in preschool this year and he is having so much fun!  You will find him with three superhero capes on wearing a superhero mask swinging in our front yard with the capes flying behind him or making crazy noises as he races his cars through the house or even making mud soup with his brother and sister in our back yard.  He is a complete opposite from his mellow older brother.  I love how God challenges me with him just as soon as I thought….boys are easy, I can do this!  He is very outgoing, the first to want try something, win something, do something.  He is super strong but has an amazing sweet heart.  By now I usually have another little one in tow, but it has been fun slowing down from my chaotic life to just watch him play or cherish his littleness.  His favorite things to do are setup crazy hot wheel car tracks with his brother and sister and see how far they can fly into my walls:(  He hides from Zach almost every night when he gets home from work and Zach wanders around the house looking for him and sneaks up on him and grabs him, but sometimes Chase is so fast he may have to chase him around the house a few times as he giggles himself to the floor and then his Dad tickles him to get a good belly laugh until he can’t breathe anymore.  Chase loves to swing and be outside and has a great need to be around people.  He is a very social kid.  He also loves music.  He sits at the piano and plays constantly.  He loves to hear himself play.  We have recently had a few friends over at different times that have been super impressed to hear him playing on the piano and thought it was one of the older kids playing.  He does not bang the keys, he actually plays the same notes over again and a few times I have heard him trying to replay songs he has heard that week.  I think he will be musical as he grows up, he is off to a great start!  He has had all three of us rolling when he blows the loudest raspberries on our bellies-Hilarious!


Wearing the getalong shirt after they spent the morning fighting. They had to do their chores together working as a team. This was quite a site to see as they tried to put their laundry away having to rely on eachother and Chase not getting dragged by his big brother…


One of his favorite things to do is play “fight” with his older brother, where they wrestle and tickle each other.  “Hudson do you wanna pway fight?”  Oh how this relationship is still hard but beginning to change.  These two argue, bicker and frustrate each other like there is no tomorrow.  But lately for the first time in 4 years, they have began to play together on their own, being creative and playing things like”rocketship” stacking all the pillows on the couch, closing up the rocket over them and shooting each other to the moon.  They crazily chase each other around the house and are learning for the first time to “be friends” when they are not screaming at each other.  They especially love to turn on Tron, Ghostbusters and Crazy Frog and the Superman and Batman theme songs and dance all over the family room throwing pillows at each other and showing off their new moves.  They were superheroes this last year for Halloween (Chase was superman, Hudson was Batman) and since they share that same love, I let them pick out new bedding for their beds and decorated their room with a superhero theme.  Chase is turning five in just a couple weeks, I can’t believe it.  He is my youngest and it is hard to watch him grow up.  I forever want to hear his little voice and joke with my friends how I will be labeled as a awful homeschool Mom because I won’t correct him ever and want him to talk like he is four forever!  I sure love you Chasey!  



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