Chasey… His year to be three!


I have approximately three days until my little one turns four.  I just finished decorating the house tonight and hanging streamers and balloons with Daddy.   I can’t help but have such sadness in my heart, I don’t want him to grow up.  Tonight he came into us after our family movie night and says…”Mawma and Daddy why didn’t you get me my wacecar twack, I weally wanted one”.  With the absolute cutest voice and face ever (he doesn’t know we got him one) and I just looked at him and grabbed him and told him he was the cutest four year old ever!!!!  We are celebrating his bday tomorrow on my bday (true sacrafice of a mother) and  we decorate every bday with balloons and streamers every year…so he asked me today… Mawma… will you pwease decorwate my woom???  and I said, why Chasey??  He says… “because it makes me happy.”  I love it when he just looks at me and tilts his head and gives a big smile, it melts my heart.  The way the Lord has made this child melt my heart and then the next moment makes me want to pull my hair out.  We were at Michaels craft store and while we were there he managed to go out one of the exit doors and  just stood there at the second exit door as if he was waiting for a ride or something.  I went crazy as I was looking for him and glanced out the doors and saw him standing there, humming some song.  He has no fear.  I will never forget the time that I lost him in Kohls.  Dakota and I were going aisle after aisle yelling for him and I could hear him calling back at me, but could not find him.  I walk around the corner after some announcement over the intercom about a lost child and I see him in the biggest bright pink monster like slippers I ever saw with two old ladies, one on each side of him, holding his hands as he was managing to walk in these obnoxious slippers looking for me.  I was so mad but when I saw him, I could not stop laughing alongside both of the elderly ladies escorting him my way.  I wish so badly I would have taken a picture that day.  The two old ladies had the biggest smiles on their faces, he must have made their day.  He slightly is beginning to know his limits but rode his bike as soon as he turned three with no training wheels and is just an amazing extreme sport kid.  He is athletic, great eye-hand coordination.  I would love to get him into parkour someday!  I have spent so much of my time this year trying to tame this wild child.  He keeps me on my toes.  His personality is fiery.  He is now fighting back his brother after the last couple years.  It has grown much more tension between them because Chase knows how to push his buttons as well as his sisters.  He has become that naughty little brother and I am constantly having to shepherd him to be kind.  He also is all boy with a lot of energy.  The thoughts that come out of his head are priceless…”Mawma, my pee is gween because I ate a cucumbaw”, he told me one day.   “Alwhite”  is alright… a spoon is a “poon” and the is “da”.  “Hudson, your going to get a panking!”  aka spanking.  He gets so excited to do school with his brother and sister each day.  He works so hard on activity bags and his little preschool book.  His sister has been working with him this year.  “EEEWWW who tooted!”comes out of his mouth every hour when it is typically him that cuts the cheese… we tried to explain that when he does it, it is not right to bring it up to everyone!!  You will find Chasey having fun at our church co-op or riding his bike or playing baseball with Daddy or racing his cars all over the floor.  His cars are his most favorite toy.  I love when he puts on his superman cape and mask and runs around the house!!  He is a tough kid.  This last year, our family go so sick with the stomach flu and he was in the first wave with his brother and sister at the same time and it was incredible to see how he would deal with the sickness so differently than his older siblings.  He took the pain quietly and just submitted to the sickness while his siblings were moaning and screaming and trying to fight it!  There have been many nights that I would sleep with him whether he had bad dreams… or he did not feel well, but I loved those nights that I could just cuddle next to him

, I know these nights will be over soon:(  He loves to dance around the family room with the music of Frozen or Wreck it Ralph blasting.  He especially loves to dance to his VBS music he learned moves to last summer.  He never grows tired of it.  Everytime he has to put his laundry away, he asks me to put on the VBS music so he can listen to it while he works.  His favorite books are the little green Truck book where he can name off every single truck in there.  He loves mackemony and cheese, pizza, oranges and orange juice.  He makes green smoovies (smoothies) with Daddy every morning counting the carrots, tomatoes and spinach as he adds it all in.  Then after he drinks it, he says…”wook at  my muscles!”  He loves to help in the kitchen whenever he can.  He is my cheese shredder.  Hudson puts the cheese in and he pushes it down into the shredder.  He is strong, he amazes me with his strength.  He absolutely loves music.  He plays on the piano and listens to music and plays his guitar like there is no tomorrow!  His chores are to put his laundry away, put the silverware away in the dishwasher, put toys away, get dressed in the morning and make his bed.  He loves getting his game time when he finishes all of these things.  He loves to play board games with Daddy and wrestle with him too.  His most favorite thing is… “Daddy pwetend your asweep”… then Zach does and he runs back and forth past him before Zach will grab him and tickle him to death.  Another favorite thing is Daddy’s helicopter that he flies.  This little guy has never-ending tummy issues.  He constantly complains of a tummy ache and NEVER wants to go to bed!!  I am needing to get him checked out at the doctor at his four year check-up.  He did break his arm on our first Trinity Park Day… I will never forget it.  He jumped off a large playset and fell on his arm.  I knew no one at park day, but managed to leave an impression as I had to leave the park early with a screaming bolistic child only to return with him a couple weeks later with a full arm cast.  He still snorts those puppy dog ears and loves that blue blanket, but we managed to pull the binky a few weeks ago which was quite traumatic.  He is doing great now and has decided to give all binkies to Baby Emmett.  He cried horribly for one long night and one long nap the next day for it, but has overcome his binky addiction and now picks at his lips constantly??!?  Not sure which one is worse?  This past year we took a trip to Sea World, Zoo, Legoland, Wild Animal Park over a couple family trips.  We have enjoyed this new season of not having a baby.  Chase is much more independent along with the other children and so it has been a new season for Zach and I as we have much more freedom and sleep these days…  He potty trained this last year on Mothers Day while we were in Oxnard celebrating with friends, he decided he wanted to go potty in the hotel, so he did and never went back into diapers again!!  This was after I tried to train him already around 2 1/2.  Lets just say when it is time, it is time!!!  This kiddo has an incredible personality so different from the rest.  He is full of life…I pray he will come to know the Lord early in age.  I pray that God will use his athleticism for His glory and that the Lord will give me lots of time to enjoy him here on earth.  Well its 1am and Chasey will be up early ready to celebrate his big day!  What a birthday present I have… to celebrate this blessing the Lord gave me four years ago!!!  I can’t believe this year has flown.  I know I will be sitting here writing a post for his 4th year in no time!  I love you Chasey!! Welcome to the big world of four!!  Never stop holding our heads in your sweet little hands and giving us the biggest


2 thoughts on “Chasey… His year to be three!

  1. Oh Staci so good to hear from you!!! (Happy Birthday by the way my sis!) We love Chasey so so much and wish we could be there to celebrate! Sounds like such a full year for such a little boy, but we couldn’t be happier for him! Love you all and look forward to your next blog post 😉

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