Hudson is the BIG Five!!

We celebrated his 5th birthday at Disneyworld this year!  Wow what a birthday he had!  I have not seen him so happy as he was as he danced around with Jake, (The Neverland Pirates) and Handy Manny!  He became insanely obsessed with Mickey Mouse after this trip.  Its fun finally seeing him love something.  Over the past years, nothing has really excited him like Mickey does!  We watch all the old classic Mickey movies that were done years ago!  He is such a joy to me.  I love this little boy so much, I can’t stand it.

He has been difficult the last year and remains so much the complainer after you ask him to do just about anything, but I am determined to love the little boy to death and just love the complaining right out of his body!  He is a wonderful cuddle.  We have had so much fun doing kindergarten this year.  I began kinder to see how he would do because he wanted to do school like Dakota and he  has absolutely taken off and done so well!  We read so much together and he is quickly learning to read as well.  He still sucks on that crazy blankie of his and I can’t wait till this phase is over so I don’t have to peel off the wet blankies from the couch and the floor all the time.  The other day around my birthday we were going over how old everyone is.  He asked if I was seven?  I told him no, I am 35.  He says” ooooohhhh… thats old are you going to die?”  I just died laughing.  Then the other day we came back from Health and Safety day for Trinity where the kids all went from station to station to learn about things like, the dentist (how to care for our teeth), fire safety (what to do in case of a fire), earthquake safety(how to prepare for an earthquake, what to do in an earthquake), health and nutrition (what foods are good for us), and police (stranger danger, wearing helmet when biking).  We were on our way home and Hudson says…”Mama wut happens if your teef (teeth) catch on fire?”  “Oh, I know” he says, “You get da hose and you fill your mouf with water to put out the fire.”  He had definitely thought Health and Safety Day through!  I never want these cute comments to end.    Life with brother seems to continue to be a battle and now Little Chasey fights back!  So Hudson does not get away with much anymore.  He is learning to be an example to his little brother, to never hit no matter what.  He still gets very easily irritated with his brother.  He is very sensitive.  Every day is a battle of will with Hudson.  He hates to do anything.  He struggles with laziness more than anyone I  have ever met in my life.  I am praying the Lord works in him to change this area in his life.  I think possibly he is the pickiest eater I have ever met as well.  He will not eat cheese if it is melted and stringy.  He will not eat any meat except a hamburger.  No chicken, no pork, no beef.  Pasta has to be plain (only tomatoe sauce).  He does not want any butter on bread and hates it when food is too hot.  He thinks that when I heat up his food, I am doing it to spite him and to burn his mouth.  He refused to eat most meals, but will not complain about how hungry he is so I do not fight it.  He just waits patiently until morning when he goes to town on oatmeal and cereal.  His favorite meal is by far breakfast foods.  He gets to pick out the family lunch twice a week so at least he eats good then too.  I don’t think I was this picky.  But come to find out Zach was and I ask myself why do I have to suffer for his sin… ha ha.

Hudson’s anger has simmered a lot.  I am thankful for that!  I think as God has changed my heart he has changed Hudson’s as well.  He really is a good kid.  He is not a sneaky typical 5 year old boy.  He is very moral and is sure to do the right thing, I can trust him as I can Dakota.  I never worry that they are up to something.  Chasey has that covered..  ha ha.  He still has a peculiar way of playing with the most odd things.  He will take home anything you find to be trash and keep it as an absolute treasure.  Straws, paper plates, cups, napkins, things you would find on a floor in a department store all becomes very exciting for Hudson!  My purse is stocked full of these things that I regularly throw away and feel so bad when he asks me later that day.. “mama, did you throw away…” .  This year we bought him a bike.  He was never really into anything that would be a challenge for him.  We took him out riding at Balboa park as soon as we got his bike and he had a blast until he kept going down a hill and had gone out of control and fell off his bike.  Thankfully, he only had a bruise on his chin.  But I am finding that he needs to be pushed out of his comfort zone and finds he really ends up liking new things.  I can be thanked for that quality I passed onto him.  I hardly try new things and stick with what is comfortable.  He really is the child I find I did not get to truly enjoy his first few years.  Having more than one, your attention is divided and then little brother came along.  That is why I am so thankful the Lord is giving me back those years with him this last year.  We went out on a mommy date and he was so different and I felt like I could just pay attention to him and I enjoyed feeling like I was getting to know him better.  He was a different kid when he was alone with me.  I see how a middle child can feel overlooked.  I am trying so hard to fight that and stop to enjoy him as much as I possibly can.

Healthwise, he is doing better.  We found out last week  that he does not any longer have an egg allergy.  He still is allergic to peanuts and has new environmental allergies.  This was a bummer.  As far a development, he is up in the night with leg cramps and growing pains.  He is very tall for his age!  He is up to par with his peers after all the therapies and prayers.  He is my toughest cookie when it comes to being sick.  He does not complain when he is sick.  He just mans up and fights until I realize he has a high fever and then I feel bad because I did not know he was sick.

For the first time, Hudson has really made a couple good friends.  Austin is a new friend that he immediately hit it off with from our homeschool group, Trinity.  Ryan is another friend that goes to our church and is in a lot of his church classes.  He does not play a lot with others and I am thanking God that he has put these two boys in his life to teach him about friendship and what it means to be a friend and just enjoying others.  He tends to play on his own a lot.  This is an answered prayer!  This year he has enjoyed going to classes and has felt no separation anxiety which is another answer to prayers.

He is just growing up.  I love his little voice and all the ways he talks like he has an accent from New York.  He is so precious in so many ways and I can’t get enough of him.


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