Chase in his Terrible Two’s…If I would of had him first…

Little Chase…. my passionate, fiery, full of energy, all boy little compact cute creation.  If I would of had him first, I would of had no more.  Ha ha!  He gives me a run for my money and wears me out physically.  He is so much fun to watch and hear.  His vocabulary and his physical abilities just blow me away.  He is very athletic and determined.  He is super cute and says he is all the time.  “I am super coot Mom”.  He is very well mannered and we cannot figure out what we did differently with him that he  has picked it up so fast.  “Tanks Mom”, he will say when I help him or get him a drink.  He is a very fast learner and can be very independent.  I will definitely see him off before any one them, I think.  He just wants his independence and is insanely determined.   He is very coordinated and intense.  We wonder what sport he will play professionally some day.  See, this is very wierd for us non-sports minded family.  He loves his brother and sister so much and will not take a nap unless he can hug them goodnite each day and night.  We had to take down his crib because he was climbing over it, so he just graduated into a big boy bed with his big brother, Hudson.  cropped-20121124_0673_edit.jpg


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