Dakota is 5 and movin on out!

Hangin with Hudson

Wow.  She is five years old.  I cannot believe she is starting school!  I am going to have such a hard time on August 31st!!  She will say to me… its okay mommy, you don’t have to be sad, I will be home soon.  She is so much fun and challenging me all at the same time.  We have been working on the heart of obedience.  We have learned to obey right away, all the way, without grumbling or complaining. Her attitude can be the most gentlest and sweetest and then she can turn completely around.  She loves to get her brother in trouble and so we have been dealing with the tattling by explaining there are certain times when it is okay to tell mommy or daddy when Hudson is endangering himself, property or you are unable to reconcile on your own.  We have been teaching her Matthew 18- to go to him first and then if he still does not listen or say sorry or if she cannot get him to do the right thing then she can come to us.  Then sharing strains came along.  Everyone wants the same toy at the same time.  So we started saying that they had to go to each other and ask when the other is done, may they play with that toy- 1 corinthians 13- love is not rude.  It would be rude to take the toy away from Hudson while he having so much fun playing with it.  It has worked tremendously well.  I praise God he gave us wisdom on what to do in these areas of training and discipline.  Sharing a room has been a bit of a challenge.  Hudson will keep Dakota up at night and one of them wakes the other up in the morning- which is hard!  I don’t know what it will be like when Chase and Hudson share- Yikes!  I love watching Dakota and Hudson play so much more now- it is such a joy to have them so close.

Quality time with Chase

She loves her brothers and constantly says “oooh I don’t want to Chase to grow up, I want him to stay little, he so cute!”  So what does she love these days…. she is very excited to start school, she has been working on her letters a lot lately.   I think her love language is quality time which we still have faithfully every time Hudson is doing his therapy.  Lucky her, we will have a lot more when she starts homeschooling part time on her off school days.  I got to take her out school shopping the last couple days and she is so much fun to shop with.  I am so blessed to have a little girl.  She picked out a bunch of dresses!  The things she loves… movies, strawberry shortcake, Kelly dolls, lincoln logs, that crazy dump truck that she played with at Joey and Vinnie’s house two years ago and they got it for her 5th bday.  She loves to play with her friends at playgroup.  She loves to play with her Daddy- especially video games and PBSkids.org.  She still dresses up and dances around the house.

For her 5th bday we did a beach party at the beach of course and played beach bingo, beach ball hot potatoe, ate sand pail castles and beach relay- it was fun!  She played in the sand and opened presents with a few select friends that she really wanted to be there for her big 5th birthday and it was a blessing!  Praying to the Lord that he would call her his own as we prayed over the food was a joy as well.  We anticipate that day.

Dakota at 6 months old- Chase's age

Dakota at Chase's age- 6 months

Today we went to a bday party and she slid down a water slide and some how bumped her bottom on something and told me later the afternoon that she hurt herself and now there was a hole down there.  I said oh honey, that is suppose to be there, that is where the poo poo comes out.  She said but mom there is two holes!  Funny how these things happen when Daddy goes out of town for the weekend!  She thought for sure that she had made that hole in her body by bumping herself on the water slide as she slid down!

Other postings I posted on facebook over the last few months of funny things she says..

At the Dodger game we went to a couple months back we sat down and she says….. “I don’t want to sit so close to the sky!”  Zach and I just about died- we were of course in the nosebleed section- she explained it right!

Dakota to Zach:  “Why are barbies legs so fat, I can’t get her clothes on!”

Dakota at dinner: “Daddy why does your fur (whiskers) grow so fast?”

In a test Dakota took to start kindergarten: they ask: what growls… she says “my tummy”. I am sure they were expecting cat, tiger and so on….

Dakota- praying at lunchtime….. Thank you for this food and God can you pwease pwease please help Hudson to be quiet and fold his hands when I pray. amen.

Dakota taught Hudson how to pray the other day, she said; “okay hudson repeat after me….thank you God….” I am sure Hudson meant the prayer from the bottom of his heart…

She says the most amazing things…She is so intense and she is God given to hold me accountable with my patience toward her and her brothers.  She will often remind me that I need to ask her for forgiveness because I was yelling at her or her brother.  The other day she knew we were having people over for dinner and so she told me she and Hudson are going to go clean up all their toys in each room so the house would be nice for our company.  I was stunned I did not need to even ask her.  She took the thought from we are having friends for dinner and that means mom wants a clean home and so lets help mommy by even involving her brother cleaning up with her- giving him small jobs to do.  That was not even the best part- the most awesome part was as she was making the bed in the guest bedroom from her nap time she was singing as she cleaned- what an incredible blessing that God gave her to this family to be able to watch and be an example of joy and love and obedience!  Her joy is infectious!  I love her so much.  I cannot believe she is going off to school in a couple weeks.  Hudson, Chase and I will miss her.


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