The room switcheroo

Well we finally did it… we put Dakota and Hudson together in her room and moved Chase out of our room!  He is over 4 months old and we decided it was time.  Hudson took his first nap in there but was not happy, he had a huge tantrum and cried for awhile but eventually fell asleep.  Then that night Hudson cried and did not understand why he was going back to sleep in Kota’s room.  So Daddy explained and we tucked him in and he went to sleep right away.  Then 30 minutes later we tucked in Dakota.  Successful right… until we hear Hudson crying, probably woke up a bit disoriented and I would hear Dakota saying… “its okay Hudson… Its okay buddy…. your alwight….”  SCORE!!! She calmed him down all by herself I did not even have to go back in there.  They both went back to sleep.  But the next morning they were both up at 6:30am when Dakota normally wakes up around 7:30-8am.  Then… the next day.. he would not take a nap, instead he played- bad boy….. That night we put Hudson down and when we brought Dakota in he was not asleep yet.  We went in there after we heard a big thump and Dakota and Hudson were in the Dakota’s bed and she sits up and says…. I told him to go back to his bed but he wouldn’t ( this was a couple hours after we put them to bed)… So we put Hudson in his bed and they go to sleep.  The next morning was more successful we propped the door open so that he would not wake her up getting out of bed and leaving the room and she was able to sleep in more which was great.  So last night Dakota comes out and says Hudson needs some water and takes him a sippy of water and then we go in after we put them to bed about an hour ago and Dakota is sitting in Hudson’s bed reading him a story after we just had the conversation for Hudson to stay in his bed…. so funny.  So tonight we put them to bed at the same time because it was late and we go in almost 90 minutes and I hear little voices…. STOP!!! and then crying and so I go in and she says… Hudson is kicking the wall and talking and waking me up….So I talk to Hudson and tell Dakota to ignore his talking so she can go to sleep- tonight was the hardest by far in this transition.  Chase looooves having his own room and finally being in his crib with his mobile- he is a happy camper!!  Daddy is happy that we have our room back and now if I can just get Hudson and Dakota to go to sleep at night.. that would be great!


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