My reason for this blog…

Living in California means living away from our family.  I never want my family to miss a beat as our children grow up; as long as God has us here in Southern California.  It is so important to me that they know every milestone, every step of their growth like we’re not even apart.

There are so many things that I want my children to have and one thing is a diary of their childhood. When God one day blesses them with their own, they will be able to look back and get hairy details and hopefully God-given wisdom that he has blessed me with.

I also want my friends and family to be encouraged through my struggles of parenting and life and see Christ working through me, changing me to be more like HIM.

But mostly I pray that this blog glorifies the Lord in my speech, in raising my children, in being a wife, mama, daughter, sister and friend.

So Enjoy!

All my love,



One thought on “My reason for this blog…

  1. Staci, this is oh so cute! I’m just so proud of you. After reading all those amazing posts I completely feel more in touch and close to you guys, thanks sis! love ya 🙂

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